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Solara's Surf Report for 2019 - Turning the Tide

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Solara is one of the true Visionaries of our time. She facilitated the twenty-one year cycle of 11:11 Planetary Activations in which hundreds of thousands of people participated worldwide. She has traveled all over the planet giving talks, workshops and special ceremonies to activate the True Ones, so we can live True Lives. Solara lives at the Heart of AN Center in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

She is the author of seven beloved metaphysical books: “The Star-Borne”, “11:11”, “The Legend of Altazar”, “EL•AN•RA – The Healing of Orion”, “How to Live Large on a Small Planet”, “Invoking Your Celestial Guardians” and the new “Cards of AN”.


  1. This message is so true to my recent experience and knowing, I could have written it myself. In fact, I’ve used many of the same words and images recently–especially about the winds of April that came to wipe negativity from our world (an unexpected communication from Gaia)–and also the distortion bands, and even what I called the Well of Sorrows, or Sisters of Sorrow. I am having to pull back from some very close relationships with old souls because they are fixated on the negative. I simply can’t linger there, with them, anymore! Judgment is a stubborn one, though; it is my anchor to duality and a byproduct of a lifetime of activism. When I’m free enough from duality, I’ve been able to glimpse it all through the Creator’s eyes. The veil of judgment falls like a scrim on stage, and then, how perfect it all is! The dirty clothes and unwashed dishes … perfect … the arguing heads on CNN in a doctor’s waiting room … perfect … the wind and abrasion of flying dust … perfect … it was all perfect, and right on time. Dropping judgment is my May goal. Thank you, Solara, for all of this brilliant, deep, shiny, pure, authentic viewing and reporting of where we are, and for your enthusiasm regarding our place on the evolutionary timeline now, despite appearances. I value it far more than these words, but wanted to share with you my heart, as best I could, in the inspiration of this moment of ecstatic wonder that you created. Bless you, Solara! My heart reaches out to you in a soul family embrace. “There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” ~Jim Henson

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