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Solara’s June 2018 Surf Report
Transformation in the Transition Zone

Review of May 2018

May was a mega month full of monumental shifts and changes. May provided one opportunity after another to move to a vastly expanded new level and reconnect with our True Being. Core issues came up to be finally released and healed, which presented us with major breakthroughs. At the same time, we were challenged with occasional Distortion Bands that we had to pass through. The final two weeks were super intense and deeply transformational. Our mastery was brought out to the surface and some of our hidden Superpowers were revealed.

May presented us with a series of Insertion Points of the New Reality into the HERE and NOW. These Insertion Points arrived from Beyond the Beyond and brought in fresh, new energies which had not been here before. We experienced an unprecedented infusion of the New Reality of AN. This infusion isn’t just for immersing our own selves. Once we have been infused, we have to extend this infusion all over the world and immerse the entire planet with the resonance of the New Reality. This is how we can use one of our Superpowers to create a new, True World.

There were numerous Breakthroughs, major Turning Points and opportunities for Quantum Leaps. All of these gave us the potential to reroute us into our True Direction. Our True Path has been cleared and the Green Lights have turned on. We have moved onto the Fast Track.

There was a strong sense of newness this month. This wasn’t just another Blank Canvas; it was a whole New Beginning, a true Mu’a ~ the Beginning of a Major New Cycle!

May was an absolutely brilliant month when we expanded our perceptions completely outside the box. Now, we are starting to notice just how much our consciousness has radically shifted.

If you didn’t experience the infusion of the New Reality in May and you’re still living your “normal” life, then please don’t get discouraged. Just start making simple, positive steps in your life. Locate the things that still keep you stuck ~ the duality-based habits, fears, behaviors and limited thought patterns within you that still feed duality and unplug yourself from as much of them as possible. Go through your living space and remove unnecessary clutter, leaving only the items that are either of practical use or that make you happy. Then make small, steady steps forward doing the things you really love, nourishing yourself and others.

The Threads of our Beings


“The way to free ourselves from the trauma of the past
is to no longer be the same person who experienced this.”

All year long, Waves of the Past have been folding into the HERE and NOW, bringing us numerous interactions with family and friends from the past. It felt good when we were able to relate to them in new ways, bringing forth Who We Are Now. And in some cases, a much needed healing took place.

The Waves of the Past have also presented us with unprecedented opportunities for resolution. We can clearly see where we are still enmeshed in the tight knots of family karma. Now, it’s time to remove the threads of our beings from these old karmic knots. By doing this, not only will we be freed, but the knot will be loosened so that other family members can remove themselves when they are ready.

Dealing with difficult family members and old friends who are still stuck in duality gives us a chance to bring out our Vast Love and demonstrate our Trueness. All we have to do is to step into our true size, which is infinitely larger than our old karmic relationships. Once we do, the thread of our being already becomes loosened and the karmic knot becomes smaller.


We are all like finely woven tapestries. Our beings contain threads of the Past, Present and Future. The tapestry of our being has ancient threads which are so frayed that they are about to turn into dust. We have other-worldly threads from Far Distant Worlds made of finely spun metals which don’t otherwise exist on this planet. We carry the threads of those whom we have loved. We also have the threads of our disappointments, of fears, of our perceived failures, of broken hearts and unrequited love. We have threads of the New that are shiny and fresh ~ that bring us new energy. We also have threads within the weaving of our beings which tell of our Eternal Story ~ our True Story ~ within the Timeless True Worlds.

Just like the cells within our body physically regenerate every seven years, the Threads of our Being are constantly changing and rearranging. Old threads disappear and new ones appear. As we continue to loosen ourselves from duality and as we increasingly become more real and true, the false threads within us are dissolved and stronger, truer ones appear.

Eventually, we realize that we no longer carry the threads within our beings of childhood trauma, of unpleasant past life experiences, of feeling lost, vulnerable, disempowered and alone. Our threads of smallness and unworthiness are steadily being replaced by threads of courage, vastness and authenticity. Threads of our natural authority and Heart’s Knowingness become ever stronger, giving us a new found confidence.

Knowing that the threads of our beings are constantly regenerating enables us to delve into those old karmic knots, especially those with our Earth family, and see that we don’t live there anymore. We have grown too large and True to fit into these old knots. THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE NOW! With this realization, another old karmic thread that kept us hooked into duality is set free and we are no longer stuck into karmic knots of the past.

Finding our Entry Points into the New Reality

To go deeper into the New Reality of AN, it’s helpful to locate our Entry Points. These Entry Points are all around us in the Expanded HERE and NOW; we only have to find them. One of the ways we can do this is to expand our Seeing so we can SEE THE UNSEEN.

The New Reality of AN is all around us, no matter where we are. We simply have to expand our beings so we can see what is already present in the HERE and NOW. To make visible the Invisible.

Entry Points to AN abound in our interactions with nature since nature is such a vast living being. When we are still, when we open our beings to actually LISTEN to nature, it will lead us to an Entry Point. Carefully observing the sky or the stars can lead us to an Entry Point. Often during a sunrise or sunset, a crack between the worlds is made visible and an Entry Point opens before us.

Other Entry Points are triggered when we are being creative ~ such as making music or art. Or when people come together on a true level, our One Being creates an Entry Point. What’s amazing about my “Cards of AN” is that they create a strong Entry Point that quickly takes you into the New Reality.

Once we realize that EVERYTHING IS SACRED, we can go deeper into the New Reality. This is because there is no longer the illusory separation between the spiritual and the mundane. This moves us onto a new level of greatly enhanced awareness.

During our Special Events at the Heart of AN, we have times when we split up into various work parties. This is because there are always practical tasks that need to be done here. The work parties also give us the opportunity to bring the sense of the sacred into practical tasks.

This May, one of our work parties had to find river rocks which would represent all the countries of the world. We had a huge pile of large-sized river rocks, but I asked them to find the smallest and most special ones possible. When we began our ceremony that night, I was amazed at the exquisite river rocks that had been found. They were small, delicate and refined. Having seen how big our river stones were, I was quite impressed.

Later I asked the stone gatherers how they found these beautiful rocks. They replied that they had searched through the rocks as if they were reaching through the Worlds within Worlds until their hands encountered the perfect stones. This is an excellent example of Seeing the Sacred within everything. Instead of merely being people mindlessly searching through a mountain of heavy rocks, they became vast True Ones and reached with their physical hands through the Worlds within Worlds. This is what brings us into the Timeless True Worlds which is a powerful Entry Point into the New Reality.

When we regard everything as sacred, we ourselves, become an Entry Point into the Timeless True Worlds and AN. The Timeless True Worlds show us how to live in the New Reality. They trigger our remembrance of how we live in our Eternal Story. This sense of being beyond Time and Space enables us to go deeper into the New Reality.

This doesn’t mean that all the terrible outer events happening on this planet are sacred. Many wrongs are happening all over the world right now. What it does mean is that when we connect ourselves with our Eternal Story, we are able to disengage ourselves from the illusions of the duality-based Time / Space Continuum and move into a more Timeless consciousness.

This is important because it is here, on the level of the expanded New Reality, that we can bring lasting change and end all injustices. It is here that we can bring the Great Shiftover to a New Reality system based on Love and Trueness.

When we are True Ones moving through a sacred landscape, we naturally dissolve duality wherever we walk. When we interact with others as True One to True One, we call forth and strengthen their True Beings. When we move through life with Love, we infuse everything with Love.

Once we find our Entry Points into the New Reality, it greatly aids us to change our direction and shift worlds.

11•11•11 RESET

In May, we experienced a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN which has profoundly affected our entire beings. This triggered an immense 11•11•11 RESET which we will continue to experience in June. 11•11•11 RESETS are extremely rare Resets that spread both outwards and inwards in waves upon waves until nothing is left untouched. (The only other 11•11•11 RESET that I know of occurred on November 11, 2011.)

Our challenge this month is to set aside any old resistances and to allow the waves of changes to flow freely throughout our beings. Then, we apply this vast RESET into every facet of our daily lives. May gave us the infusion of AN which brought forth all the necessary elements that we needed to go forward. It’s now time to utilize these new elements to bring transformational change to every aspect of our lives. As we do this, we ground our expanded perspective into physical manifestation through action.

It’s Make or Break Time when much is ON THE LINE. We really have to go forward now into our True Lives. If we try to remain in our old lives and hold onto limited beliefs, we will actually start going further backwards, rather than forward. This will make it more difficult to break free from duality at a later date.

There are many things that we’ve known that we need to release and many qualities that we need to develop. We’ve been aware of these things for several years. But now, we can’t postpone them any longer. We’ve simply run out of time. We can no longer delay the changes that we need to make. We really have to do them now. It’s NOW or NEVER TIME!

There are areas located near the Equator in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans called the Doldrums. These are the areas that frequently have no wind. In the days of sailing ships, these were dangerous areas to pass through since if there was no wind for a prolonged time, the ship would not be able to travel onwards. Often they would run out of food and water and everyone on the ship would perish.


Some of us are in a state very similar to the Doldrums in our personal lives. We want to change; we want to create True Lives, but feel mired into our old positions. When this happens, we can’t wait for the wind to come from an outside source, because that probably won’t happen. What we need to do is to create our own wind, our own method of propulsion, to step out of our expired ways of being.

We don’t wait for something dramatic to happen. We don’t wait for our old life to collapse so we are forced out of it. Instead, we make small steps forward. We sort through our things and let go of what no longer resonates with us. We start acquiring new skills and special items which belong to our True Life. If we don’t like our job, we look for a new one. But if we do this, we need to cast our nets far and wide, not just in our immediate area.

We ask ourselves where we would most like to live? What work would we most like to do? How can we serve humanity? Once we get the answers to these questions, we start LOOKING LARGER. We make decisive steps to get that right job, to move into our True Direction. We don’t passively sit back and hope that everything comes to us. That will only keep us stuck in the Doldrums. We create our own wind. We BECOME the wind! And before we know it, we will be unstuck and everything will move forward.

By becoming the wind and taking the first steps, this will dislodge us from our stuck old positions and set us onto our True Course. Once we do this, is when the Green Lights turn on and unexpected help appears. But we are the ones who must make the first steps.

Please ask yourself, “Which long forgotten storage boxes do I need to unpack?” “What do I still need to let go of?” “What changes do I need to make?” “What kind of life do I really want to be living?” “How can I create my own wind?”

As we experience the profound 11•11•11 RESET, we will discover that many duality-based elements that used to strongly affect us have now become small, lifeless and distant. As we step into our natural vastness, duality becomes increasingly unreal. This is exactly what’s needed so we can shift reality systems.

Traveling through the Transition Zone

While we are experiencing and integrating May’s monumental 11•11•11 RESET, we will be traveling through a Transition Zone for most of June. This month begins with the feeling that we have stepped out of the world we knew, that the old book of our lives containing our tired, old stories has slipped out of our hands and can’t be found. We may feel like we are in between worlds, traversing an expanded, totally white landscape without any familiar markers in it.

While we are traveling through this expansive Transition Zone, a deep silence surrounds us. There’s a need to pull up our personal drawbridges with minimal input from the outside world. We might feel that we don’t have any skin to separate us from the All That Is. We may feel like a balloon that has been blown up way past our comfort zones in May, which has now released all its air. The balloon of our being lies on the ground, overstretched and flaccid, waiting for the new air to fill it up again.

We may not know what world we will enter next. All our old signposts have disappeared and we have entered the Great Unknown. While we are in the Zone of Transition, we don’t need to put anything in it. Just leave it empty and when the time is right, we will emerge, like walking out of a cloud into a fresh New Landscape.

Occasionally we will feel strong waves of emotions and old memories coming from the world we are leaving behind. They may stir us up and make us feel that our life is hopeless and that we are hanging on by the thinnest of threads, but this is simply a temporary Distortion Band that we are passing through. One helpful way to discern if you are in a Distortion Band or not is to see if just a few aspects of your life feel hopeless. If it’s just a few things, this is easy to change. But if you feel that everything is hopeless, this is most likely NOT what is really happening; instead you are probably in a Distortion Band, and once you realize this, the Distortion Band will disappear.

It already happened to me a few days ago. Suddenly I was thrust into all these horrible old energies and emotions that I didn’t want to live in. This is when I made a conscious choice to leave that world. I simply stated that I didn’t wish to live in such a distorted reality and made some true steps deeper into the New Reality to remove myself from it. And suddenly, it completely disappeared! Now, I feel clear and True again.


May gave us a really good push into the New Reality. In June, we have to keep going forward, integrate what we experienced and apply our expanded perspective to our daily lives. We are becoming increasingly aware of our place in the One True Being. This enables us to act with a new sense of heightened responsibility because of it.

All month long, we will feel the waves from the 11•11•11 RESET spreading outwards and inwards, affecting absolutely everything. When the waves are going predominately outwards, we will be propelled into action, wanting to get many things accomplished. And when we feel the waves are going inwards, we will need quiet time for contemplation so we can check our internal compass to make sure that we are still following our truest coordinates.

Energetically, June is going to be an intense and strong month, holding us strictly accountable. For every good person who gives up or leaves the planet, we must renew our determination to see it through. Every time we choose Love and Trueness ~ through our thoughts, emotions and actions ~ we put another log in the fire of transformation.

Part of entering the New World is clearly seeing what we can do and what we no longer can do. It’s important to honor this by releasing those elements which we can no longer do and moving forward by doing what we can do. By doing this, we become more honest and real.


Like the Kayumaris, (the blue deer known to the Huichols of Mexico), we need to go forth and find all the new, true elements that we need for our True Lives. (Kayumaris are the guardians of the Doorways between the Worlds called Nierikas.) They are also the bridges between the worlds. Chaka is the Quechua word for bridge and a Chakana is the Bridge between the Worlds. This is why we often create a Kayumari Dance at our AN•Chakana at the Heart of AN during our Special Events.

We all have our personal Kayumaris by our side. Now, it’s time to send them forth to find the key elements and information we most need. What do we really want to do? Where is our True Home? Who are our True People? What is our next step? The Kayumaris know the doorways to all the secret worlds. They will find the information we seek and return to us with all we need.

As we gather the previously hidden pieces of our True Lives, we start putting them together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. As we do, they show us something totally new which we couldn’t see before. This is when we realize that WE ARE THE KAYUMARIS!

June requires that we are ultra alert at all times, for we will continue to see unexpected changes on every level. We have already released so much; now the emphasis needs to turn towards putting our total focus on anchoring a New Reality and creating a New World. We need to keep our vision fresh and clear and make every step we take a true one. This means that when duality-based thoughts, fears, distractions or emotions come up, we need to see where they are coming from and not get drawn into them. Always focus on the New and True until it becomes your predominate reality.

June is about choices. What are we choosing for the second half of the year? Is it truly what we want? Are we ready to leave the comfy nest of our familiar duality-based lifestyle?

Since June is a month of both action and reflection, there will be many urges to get things in order on the physical ~ things like making repairs, getting rid of stuff, and replacing what cannot be fixed. All these tasks will help keep us grounded, especially if we see them as microcosms of the massive Ho’o Pono Pono that is happening worldwide on a much vaster scale. It’s time to act like we are preparing to make a big move to a completely new location, even if some of us are already in our correct location and won’t be making a physical move. But we are all due for a huge energetic shift, in one form or another.

The old world of duality is continuing to collapse and feels far, far away. Only a distant echo from it reaches us. Echoes are just remnants of an original impulse that are repeating the last tones back and forth. They don’t have any roots or anchoring. The entire collective level upon this planet has become much lighter, even though there is still much going on in the field of duality. Something very deep has shifted.

There’s a strong possibility that this duality-based illusory reality may end sooner than we expect. One indication of this are the powerful eruptions that have been taking place since the beginning of May at Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s my feeling that this volcano is a key point for the entire planet and that it is strongly connected with a Pole Shift, so I am watching it closely.

On a personal level, the special place in Hawaii where I received the Phallus of Osiris from the whales many years ago was completely covered by lava on my birthday a few days ago. This obliteration of a landscape that I knew and loved has moved me deeply. And another touchstone from my old story turns to dust….

June 5th was also the anniversary of two of the 11:11 Activations. The Second Gate Activation was held in 1993 at the bottom of the Pululahua Volcanic Crater in Ecuador and the second Eighth Gate Activation was in 2009 on the Islands of the Sun and Moon in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Both of these 11:11 Gate Activations were about the merger of our most precious personal desires with our calling to be of planetary service. This is important because until we bring them together, it will hold back our ability to fully manifest our True Lives.

Now is the time for these two, seemingly separate, paths of personal desires and planetary service to unite as One. Let’s bring them together to make their final merger within ourselves. As they come together, a glorious new path is revealed. This is the PATH OF LOVE ~ the ultimate Path ~ our most deeply fulfilling, Truest Path ~ which leads us directly into the New Reality of AN.

Monumental shifts are taking place. Let’s delve into them with great openness and Love and let’s GO THE DISTANCE!

Solara Anamani Anani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
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• Dian • Diane • Ganesha • Grace • Ingrid • Julia • Kimah • Lea • Susan • Tracey •



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