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Solara’s July 2018 Surf Report
Walking with New True Steps

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Review of June 2018

In June, we were powerfully influenced by the 11•11•11 RESET which deeply affected all aspects of our inner beings and outer lives. This thrust us into a Transition Zone in which nothing felt solid or grounded. It immediately felt like we had stepped out of the world we knew ~ that the old book of our lives containing our tired, old stories had suddenly turned into dust. At times, it felt like we were being thrown into the Void ~ falling ~ falling ~ and never reaching the bottom. Many of us felt like we were in a freefall In Between Worlds, traversing an expanded, totally empty landscape without any familiar markers in it. This is when we pulled up all our drawbridges, went into retreat and turned our attention to ourselves.

It often felt like we were inside a pressure cooker that was ready to explode. Many old energies and emotions came out of their hiding places and were thrown up into the air where they swirled all around us, stirring up the residue of numerous old hurts which we thought that we no longer carried within us.

We felt disconnected on multiple levels as we went through an endless review of our lives. It was like there was a repeating loop which was playing over and over, showing us all the times when we had been dishonored, disrespected, misunderstood, abused and used. At times we felt such deep anguish that we cried buckets of tears. It was like a lousy, old movie that kept repeating itself, over and over. Many of our old wounds were knocked open and bleeding.

This process was painful, sad and supremely challenging at times, but it also was surprisingly helpful. As we were bombarded with these old hurts, we strengthened our resolve not to repeat these types of painful experiences ever again. We are done with been used and misunderstood!

We have now drawn the line in the sand and walked to the far side of the line, placing ourselves in totally new territory. As we set new boundaries, we made a promise to ourselves that we would no longer tolerate these types of experiences from anyone or anything. “NO MORE! That type of behavior is no longer acceptable in our lives!

Then the Solstice arrived with a burst of new energy and it felt as if a window unexpectedly opened and all these old, hurtful energies went flying away through the open window. This is when many of us started breathing fresh, new air that was refreshing, rebalancing, and liberating.

Where do we go from here?

July presents us with crucial choices that will affect us, not only for the rest of the year, but for much longer.


We can stay on our same train on the old track and continue on as usual with the same people and our same baggage. Yet if we do this, it might not take us to where we expect to go. We may think that we are traveling in our usual direction, but could well end up somewhere where we don’t want to go. Our train may get lost in an endless tunnel or we might even derail. Or we could simply arrive at the end of the old track and discover that we have lost our way.

The familiar life we’ve known is not going to continue, as much as we might like it to. Duality is collapsing all around us and creating much chaos and debris. Old roads will not take us to our expected destinations. This is because there are new conditions which are affecting everything. These new variables are obstructing our old pathways, forcing us to make surprising changes and unexpected detours.


We can change tracks and make a conscious choice to go into a new direction. But if we are still traveling in the same train with the same people and our same baggage, we will have some new experiences, but we won’t go as far as we hope to go. This is because we will be traveling into a new direction, but not our True Direction. And we are still carrying our old emotional residue, limited beliefs and old behaviors with us. These all have to be jettisoned if we really want to move beyond duality.


If we change trains and travel on new tracks, the possibilities are endless. This is how we leave duality and go deeper into the New Reality. We will be traveling with a mixture of new people and some of those whom we already know. We will have different luggage with new items in it, such as the tools for our future, as well as some special touchstones of Trueness. And we will definitely be going in our True Direction.

If we decide to travel on a new train and new track, we can’t keep waiting on the train platform for certain people to join us. If some of those close to us aren’t ready to get on, we can’t hesitate to do what we know we must do. Maybe they will join us later and maybe they won’t. Whether they are here or not, we must get on the new train. It’s OK; the right people will be with us.

We also can’t wait to get on the train because we don’t feel that the conditions are perfect. Perhaps, we’re not worthy of this beautiful train or maybe we don’t feel quite ready yet. Or we don’t think we have enough money to travel. Maybe, we are afraid that the new train will go too fast. Or we might hesitate to get onto the train because we haven’t received a detailed itinerary of our journey. (Guess what! There isn’t one!)

This is OUR train and our True Heart’s Knowingness is calling us to get aboard. There’s no more time to hesitate or think about it or wallow in our doubts and fears. The train whistle is blowing. “ALL ABOARD!” Let’s jump on the train before it leaves without us!

And don’t think that it will wait for us, because it won’t….

Our Forgotten History

I used to love to study history in school. It gave us a such a whitewashed, tidy explanation of what had happened before. But as I delved deeper into history, I realized that there were many obvious omissions and gaping holes which could not be filled by the officially accepted history which was being fed to us.

Because I had such strong remembrances of AN, which belonged to our Forgotten History, this was a good place to begin to search for missing elements of our long lost history. In 1989, I wrote my first book, “The Legend of Altazar: A Fragment of the True History of Planet Earth“. I put some of our forgotten history which I had found within this book. But I knew that there was much, much more.

I discovered that there was a vast wealth of true history which had either been forgotten or suppressed. It was like we were being presented with three colors and told that this represented the entire color spectrum. This didn’t feel right, but we weren’t sure where to look for the other colors.

The suppression of our true history continues to accelerate. Much of what we’re being told never happened in the way it is being currently presented. Now there are textbooks in the United States which state that the Native Americans simply “moved out of the way” to accommodate the European settlers. These textbooks neglect to mention that the Native’s land was stolen by the colonists and that those who resisted were brutally massacred.

In Mexico City, there is the famous Museum of Anthropology which has extensive exhibits detailing the bloody history of Mexico. I’ve been there and what I remember most are lots of fangs, claws, battles, sacrifices and blood. It’s not a history to be proud of. Yet, when you go out into the Mexican countryside, this isn’t what you see or feel. The people are open hearted and peaceful. Their exquisite weavings are highly refined ~ full of bright colors and sacred codings of nature and cosmology ~ not of fighting and bloodshed. And there are AN discs everywhere in Mexico ~ in ceramics, weavings, beadwork and painted metal.

This makes it obvious that Mexico has a close connection to AN ~ that it is embedded in their cellular memory banks. But where is it in their “official” history? Why is AN so obviously visible on the physical and so absent in the known history?

The true history of the Incas in Peru has been steadily diminished, even during my lifetime. When I lived in London and Wales many years ago, I spent a lot of time going to the British Museum reading all their rare books on the Incas, as well as a private library in London specializing in rare manuscripts and books about South America. (Somehow I talked them into letting me have access to them.)

At that time, it was known that each individual Inca was actually the name of an entire lineage or dynasty and that the history of the Incas was much longer than what was currently presented as true. Since then, much misinformation about the Incas has been coming out ~ such as they didn’t make their amazing stone temples, but pre-Incas did, or that they were cruel in their battles and performed human sacrifices, which they didn’t. Why is a great civilization being so distorted and diminished?


For over thirty years, I have been writing about the three stars in the belt of Orion. These are known in traditional astronomy as Mintaka, Al Nilam and Al Nitak. But their true names are EL, AN, RA. The Incas called the constellation of Orion ~ the Great Chakana ~ which is the bridge to another reality. The central point in Orion is the star of AN (Al Nilam) and this is the entrance to the New Reality of AN. It is so obvious, yet few see it.

Where is the knowledge of the special places on Earth that anchor specific energies for the well being of all of us? The anchoring of natural beauty in Tahiti. • The Sun is reborn daily from Lake Titicaca as if for the very first time. • The Kayumari Blue Deer in Mexico who knows the location of all the doorways between worlds. • AN ~ the Sun and Moon as One Being in Peru and Ancient Egypt. • The primordial energy from before the Beginning of Time carried by the Aboriginal people of Australia.

There are so many sacred places and True People upon the planet who are anchoring specific energies for all of us. Why don’t we learn about that? There are tribal people and places aligned with certain animals such as tigers and elephants. There are the bird tribes of Thailand, Elephant Rock in Sri Lanka, the Miao Tribe in Southern China and Burma who are born from butterflies. There are the Polynesians who remember arriving on Earth in canoes from the stars. There are people who are Keepers of the Trees and Guardians of the Reindeer.

Why are we stuffed full of meaningless dates, rather than the larger story of what really happened? Do we really want to be influenced and manipulated by history that is false? Why are Atlantis, Lemuria and Shambala presented to us as myths? Why are we only being taught a narrow band of history with an emphasis on wars, religions, colonization and struggles for power and control?

Some of our hidden history was never written down; other parts were erased from our memories and long forgotten. Some of it was written in books in the form of fiction, such as the “Lord of the Rings Trilogy” or Doris Lessing’s “Shikasta“. Some of our forgotten history has been presented in books for children such as the “Narnia” and “Oz” books. Other parts of our hidden history have been relegated as myths, such as the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. But if this is only a myth, why do so many of us remember it deep within our cells?

Our True History is vast. It is magnificent beyond our present understanding. It speaks to us of Who We Truly Are and Why We Are Here. And it makes everything that we are experiencing right now on the playing fields of duality so small, dumbed down and insignificant.

Even though many of our memories of our True History have been outwardly erased, it still resides within us in our cellular memory banks. This is why science by itself is not enough. We need the union of science and intuition, of our internal knowingness, to fill the gaps which science alone cannot find. Science by itself cannot uncover our lost history because so much physical evidence has been destroyed. We need science and our internal knowingness to walk hand in hand in order to bring our True History back into remembrance. This is the only way we can put together the missing pieces of the puzzle of our forgotten history.

When we only look at the narrow, distorted history that is being presented to us, it strips away our true heritage. It makes everything feel dull and lifeless. As long as we perceive this to be true, we will remain ignorant, disempowered and small, which we are not! It keeps us hooked into duality. And we are so much more than that!


Did we evolve from apes and live in caves or did we come from the Stars? Remembering our True History helps us connect with our Eternal Story in the Timeless True Worlds. We are powerful, magnificent True Beings who have created numerous enlightened civilizations on this planet and beyond. We have danced with the fairy folk in the moonlight, ridden bareback on unicorns and flown through the skies with outstretched wings. As a natural expression of who we are, we honored and protected our Mother Earth and all her creatures. We served all beings with love and compassion. We loved without limits. And we remembered our homes in the Stars. This is our True History. This is Who We Are.

Now let’s step out of duality’s narrow, distorted history. Let’s reclaim our True History. Let’s embody our Great Goodness. We are powerful healers and creators of new worlds. Let us emerge as True Ones and Master Servers. We are True Loves and Lovers of Truth. Let’s embrace our true heritage and create the most amazing and awesome New Beginning to our True History!

Life is Precious


I just spent seven weeks with a foot problem that made every step painful. A few days ago, my foot finally recovered and I can walk again. It feels so new to be able to walk without pain. Now, I have the feeling of walking in a totally new way and going into a Truer Direction.

Until this happened, walking was something which I just took for granted. Now, I don’t anymore. It feels like such a gift to be able to walk naturally and I am grateful for every step. I am taking every step I make in a new way. And that is what many of us are doing in July. Taking our First Step in a New, True Way. Walking with True Steps.

Life is precious and it’s important that we don’t act as if we have endless time here. What if we were going to die within the next five years? What would you change in your life? What would you do differently? What would you make haste to do? What do you need to release or heal? And if you only had one year left, how would your priorities shift?

Looking at our life this way shows us what is truly important to us. How would you spend your time? Or your money? Where would you put your energy? What people do you want to be with? Where would you like to live? What projects do you want to complete? What people have you touched and perhaps changed their lives? How have you made this world a better place?

This year is Choose it or Loose it! More and more, our thoughts and actions are creating our reality and if we don’t acknowledge and embrace what we really want, it might disappear. Deep down we know what to do, but can we break through our old conditioning, our limited circumstances, our false sense of security, our narrow beliefs and our doubt? Time will tell and what is manifesting now is giving us clues.

Let’s not wait until later to do the things we need to do. Or the things we most want to do. Let’s not wait until later to shift our temporary priorities to our REAL PRIORITIES. Let’s not wait until later to manifest our Wildest Dreams. Let’s not wait until later to align with our True Purpose and serve humanity. The time of waiting is over. Let’s not wait a single moment more. Let’s do it now!

Into our One True Being


When something shocking and terrible happens, like the ripping away of the children of immigrants in the United States, instead of being merely stunned and upset, we can use our natural sense of outrage as a method of propulsion to leap into action on multiple levels. We can write letters to the government and we can participate in marches. This is all better than sitting back and doing nothing.

What we cannot do is to allow our energies to collapse back into the polarization of duality. If we do this, we again feed duality and keep it alive. Part of us has to always remain LARGER. We can sit as a Silent Watcher or live our lives as a True One strengthening the resonance of Trueness. From our full Heart’s Knowingness, we can firmly claim that, “Duality is NOT an acceptable reality!”

A significant portion of our being has to remain strongly anchored in the New Reality at all times. If we don’t do this, then duality has succeeded in entrapping us. This only makes duality endure longer.

What is currently happening with the stolen children of immigrants is only one example of the numerous horrible situations that we will experience this year. The stakes will continually be raised, challenging our commitment to birth a New Reality. We have to remain ultra alert at all times and not fall into the snares of duality. And yet, these shocking situations can enliven our One True Being and serve us as Entry Points into greater Oneness.

By firmly standing together in One True Being, we can realize our true power and achieve the Impossible. We can serve those who are doing positive actions on the planet through energetic support, monetary donations and physical help. We can help those who are going through hard times with our love and compassion. All of us can help in large or small ways, but we HAVE to do something.

Unfortunately, many people don’t yet get this and still remain self absorbed in the sealed off bubbles of their personal lives. This HAS to change. We simply cannot remain separate. Because if we do, our One True Being will never realize its full potential as the KEY to flip over duality and birth a New Reality.



“We are setting the templates of our future NOW!”

July begins with a fresh burst of energy from the Winds of Change as we enter the second half of 2018. Now everything is being put ON THE LINE in unimaginable ways. There is a sense of urgency to finally align ourselves with our True Position and our True Purpose. We are now realizing that there is nothing to wait for; there is nothing more to postpone. It is not time to wait for anything or anyone. We are ready to make our First Steps in a totally New Way. We are ready to walk with True Steps!

July is also a month of completion. This means that we still have expired elements to clear out of our energetic field. We may need to do some Ho’o Pono Pono or Making Things Right this month, such as healing old hurts and disappointments, caused by ourselves or others.

During the past two months, parts of our beings were propelled deeper into the New Reality, while other parts of us are still inhabiting our old reality. It’s similar to making a huge move across the world and part of our family is already living in our new location, while the rest of us are still in our old location, left with the task of tying up loose ends, getting rid of old furniture, making the final packing and cleaning up our old dwelling so we can rejoin those of us who are already living in our new landscape.

While this is happening, we may feel stretched out like a wide open fan. Now we have to find a way to reunify our being on a totally new level. We have to move our entire being into the New Reality. July’s emphasis is, “Completing the old, frees me for the New.” This month, we are preparing ourselves to make a massive shift, which will begin in earnest in August.

Right now, many of us are looking at our lives in totally new ways, to see what remains after the 11•11•11 RESET and to see what has been blown out of our lives by the Winds of Change. After we’ve taken stock of what is around us, then we can more clearly discern our next steps. We are also being given fresh insights and can now see that certain abilities which we developed in the past are now becoming important.

July is a month to be ultra alert of where we are putting our energies and to use our finely honed discernment as to what we allow to affect us. If we align ourselves to the New Reality, there’s the strong possibility of breakthroughs, Quantum Leaps and wondrous new opportunities.

There’s also a possibility that we are nearing the breaking point for duality to crumble under its own weight of greed, corruption and insanity. There is a very potent energy for ending the game completely. This is why every little piece within us that still carries an imprint of duality is coming up to be released now.

At the beginning of this year, some old elements simply changed themselves, without any obvious effort on our part. For me, at the New Year, I suddenly knew that I no longer needed to worry about money anymore. This happened after several years of financial struggle. There was no apparent reason for this sudden shift that I experienced. There wasn’t any extra money coming in. This shift just happened inside of me. Ever since then, even though my income hasn’t gotten better, I haven’t felt stress about it.

In July, it’s now time to turn our attention to the remaining elements in our lives that still require change. We need to put our attention on transforming them as quickly as possible. This is important so we can be fully prepared for what is to come. Let’s release our final fears and embrace fearlessness as our natural state. Let’s take our final steps out of drama and karma of duality and move into full, unvarnished Trueness.

July has the feeling of getting ready, of preparing ourselves to inhabit a new level for the rest of the year. We are undergoing a thorough energetic recalibration so that everything is completely aligned to the New Reality of AN. July is when we sweep away the residue of the past so we can enter the second half of the year unencumbered by old energies and emotional residue.

Throughout July, we will be asking ourselves the question, “Where do we go from here?”.

Wherever we go, let’s make new, True Steps with our full being.

Solara Anamani Nani

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