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Solara’s March 2019 Surf Report
Walking Into the Beyond

With deep gratitude to Keenuane for letting us use her MANDALAS again!
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February was a potent month which gave us a new depth that is profoundly transforming our beings. February is a bit like Pluto in that regard. It may initially appear small, but it’s concentrated and powerful! This February didn’t let us down and brought us much more than we initially expected.

It was an unusual month that was seemingly quiet on the surface, yet huge waves and great movement were taking place on various levels underneath the surface. Even though we couldn’t see what was happening, we could definitely feel it. Occasionally, a gigantic wave would burst through to the surface and sometimes it would slam us hard.

We surfed between doing what needed to be done and quiet moments of being totally still ~ feeling the depths of our beings in a formless space where no separation existed. Added to this were wild weather patterns, the turmoil of the battered collective and a world out of balance screaming for our attention.

Much of February was about taking small steps forward. This dramatically changed during the final weeks when some of the giant waves broke through to the surface. This was when everything was suddenly put On the Line. The membranes between the worlds thinned until they were almost non existent and some of us started hovering between Life and Death. This journey between the worlds deepened our beings immeasurably. We instantly became very REAL.

An Immense Tiredness


For several months, many of us have felt super tired. No amount of sleep or rest makes us less tired. This is way beyond our usual tiredness. For some, this manifests as a sense of deep weariness ~ like being profoundly tired of our entire journey of lifetimes on this planet. For others, it’s more like a profound sense of exhaustion. We may do a simple normal task which we’ve done many times before ~like going to the corner store to buy food ~ and then return home completely tired, when the only thing we can do is to collapse.

Some of this is caused by the intense, very mixed energies we’ve been experiencing. These include the turmoil, fear and anguish coming from the collective ~ the increasingly desperate attempts of duality to maintain its control over us now that so many of us are becoming free ~ the cry for help from Mother Earth as the forces of destruction move into high gear to annihilate our natural world ~ the energy of chaos which precedes a new birth and the ultra intense energies of transformation which are pushing us out of the old template and into the New Reality. No wonder we are always tired!

What we are really tired of is the denseness of duality. We are tired of living in an illusory world. We are tired of living without the Trueness that feeds our entire being. What we need to find is a new true way of living that fills us with enthusiasm and freshness ~ that makes us excited to get out of bed in the morning.

We need periods of deep stillness while we are moving through the transition zone between reality systems. This is another reason why we are continually exhausted. This tiredness is pulling us out of our “normal” way of doing things ~ it stops us in our tracks ~ and breaks our old patterns.

Right now, Times of Not-Doing are just as important as Times of Action. We need to create moments when we can be like a Mountain ~ when we are super still and embody pure energy ~ in a state of Non-Action. These moments when we are immersed in pure, true energy greatly aid us into stepping over to the other side ~ into the New Reality. This is why its essential to alternate periods of being the Mountain and not doing anything visible with being active.

This tiredness helps us move us into a completely new rhythm where we have to do everything differently than before. As we step into a totally new level of being and we immerse ourselves deeper into the New Reality, the less tired we will become.

Walking in the Beyond


The landscape of the New Reality continues to deepen and expand. New depths are constantly being revealed. Many of our old bridges to the Past are burning behind us, while new layers are being inserted that will shape and create new visible spaces within this New Reality. This is the reason why Null Zones are being created in our known landscape through different events. We are being practically torn or displaced from our old beings, old lives, old dreams and old ways of doing things.

Many of us have been walking the fine line between Life and Death. At times, we become so transparent that we are barely here. We are walking between the worlds where there’s only the thinnest membrane separating them.

This feeling of Walking in the Beyond can be triggered by health issues, by unexpected accidents, by natural disasters such as floods or fires, by being close to someone whose lifeline has become tenuous or by the death of a being whom we dearly love.


These situations aren’t just everyday, superficial distractions. They are Insertion Points of RAW, REAL LIFE. When they occur, there is no prefabricated way to react. These situations pull us out of our everyday persona with its automatic responses, yank us out of our comfort zones and force us to become ULTRA REAL. We have to respond from our True Core Being, nothing less.

When we are touched so deeply on a very real, very human level, this makes everything else that we were previously involved in, suddenly irrelevant. It supersedes anything that we used to consider important. It drastically rearranges our priorities. It makes everything that is REAL and TRUE suddenly very precious. It immeasurably deepens our beings. It pulls out some more pins from duality. It instantly reconfigures everything into a much truer position. Resistance to what is REAL and TRUE is futile and even when the situation passes, we cannot go back to The Way Things Used To Be. There is NO DOWN – NO RETURN.

These situations enable us to take major steps out of duality and move deeper into the New Reality.

Vanquishing Fears


I have a secret technique which I’ve used for much of my life that I’d like to pass on to you. I don’t really know why, but it works. Whenever I’m worried about something, I find out what the worst case scenario is. What’s the worst thing that can happen? My worries are things like, “We won’t have enough money for food.” Or “We won’t find the right place to live.” Or “I’ll never find a good partner.” Or “What if this fails?”

My worries are always valid worries and could definitely happen. What I do next is to accept the bottom line or worst case scenario. For example: What if we don’t find a good place to live? Then I come up with a solution for my greatest fear. OK, if we don’t find a good place to live, we’ll go camping for a few weeks until the timing is right for us to find it. Or If we don’t find a good place to live, we can stay with these friends until we do. Once I come up with a solution, the worst case scenario doesn’t feel like the end of the world. When I accept the unacceptable, a heaviness is immediately lifted. The fear goes away. And this absence of fear frees the space for the right solution to come in.

Or if my worry is something like, “What if I don’t have enough money to feed my children?”, I replace it with the knowingness that we’ve never run out of food yet and we won’t this time. When I do that, the fear dissipates.

I’ve done this a lot at various times in my life. From it I’ve learned that if I accept the worst possible outcome and know that I will be OK and that I will find a solution ~ that even if what I most fear happens, some good will come out of it, then it never, ever happens! The fact of accepting our worst case scenario gives us a freedom from our fears and opens the doors to creative solutions. Please try it.



March is a Make or Break month where we will begin to clearly see the separation of the false and the True. It’s a powerful month full of surprises and unexpected, perhaps shocking, events in which we will be greatly challenged to bring forth new facets of our beings and become more REAL and more TRUE than ever before.

There was much happening under the surface during the first two months of this year. Now, these previously submerged waves are crashing up to the surface with tremendous power. They will knock us off of our old positions and catapult us into surprising directions. At times, they create some patches of extremely Choppy Surf. This Choppy Surf will force us to quickly jettison many of our duality-based behaviors and beliefs – as we finally see that they only keep us miserable and disempowered, rather than serving us.

We have to face all these elements that are rising to the surface during March with honesty and clarity. Nothing can be ignored or hidden. Our authentic selves can no longer be hidden. None of this is for the feebleminded or fainthearted, but all who embrace their true destiny shall prosper and thrive.

This month will contain what can only be described as unusual power surges (which may at times feel more like sparky short circuits). They will happen whenever we unhook old beliefs and long ingrained behaviors from their old positions and reconnect them in a truer way. This will be happening within ourselves and within the planetary collective. At times, we may have to deal with both at the same time. It’s like we are pulling out old electrical connections, rewiring the entire system into a completely new configuration and then placing all the wires into a new type of plug. What we are actually doing is disconnecting the old timelines and connecting the new timelines.

We will see and experience much more direct manifestation of the New Reality in March. As we do, everything will move to a totally new level which will feel increasingly comfortable and familiar. It’s important to stay present in the Expanded HERE and NOW while focused in our Hearts, tuning into our Heart’s Knowingness at all times.

A strong element of breaking free is coming into our lives this month. Breaking free of the past ~ free of our old lives ~ free of our old ways of doing things ~ free of our old emotional patterns. We will break free from many of the ways we have limited ourselves ~ such as judgment, lack of confidence or fear. Any remaining duality-based residue within ourselves ~ any places within us where we are still hooked into the illusion ~ any areas where we are not honest, true and clear are rising to the surface to be fully seen and finally transformed. An irreversible crumbling of illusions and untruth is taking place, not only inside our beings, but all around us.

This breaking free is necessary for we are in the midst of changing our evolutionary blueprints and shifting timelines. Our new evolutionary blueprints and timelines are aligned with the New Reality of AN. While we are in the midst of this great shift, there’s the strong sense that our True Life is quickly forming behind the scenes so it can manifest in a flash ~ as soon as we are ready for it.

Shifting blueprints means that the old path we were traveling on is suddenly rerouted onto an entirely new, previously unseen, infinitely truer path. Sometimes this happens so strongly that it’s like driving a car on our old life path in California and waking up to find that we are now walking through the mountains in Madagascar! Our old landscape totally fades away and is immediately replaced by a completely new one. The best part is that we LOVE our new landscape! Although we may never have thought of moving to Madagascar, we realize that we absolutely love it here. It feels totally natural. We love the mountains and the ocean ~ we love the people who also love us ~ we seem to know the language and it instantly feels like home!

Many people are finally taking decisive steps to go forward into their True Lives. We don’t want to live in duality anymore! We want to live True Lives as a True One as never before. We are moving out of places where we’ve lived for a very long time, quitting unfulfilling jobs and leaving relationships that cannot evolve.

Because of this, there is much for us to do this month implementing changes and initiating new activities and actions that move us forward. There’s the feeling that we are now being propelled into our True Positions ~ no matter what else is happening.

Much of the internal repatterning and resetting that we have made in our inner control panels will now be put to the test. We will be making new choices ~ ones which we couldn’t have made before. Many projects which we lovingly prepared over the past several months will finally be ready to be used. This moves everything to new levels.

Our creativity is still flowing. This is especially important when the Unexpected occurs. This is when our creativity can be used in ways which we never imagined ~ to manifest much needed Off the Map solutions.

At the beginning of 2019, I had the sense that this year we would be working closely with other kindred people. I didn’t personally see this happening in my life at the time, but there was the feeling that this would come. And already this is happening. There’s a very visible, deeper connection between people ~ a melding of our One True Being is taking place that hasn’t happened before. People from our Past are reentering our lives, but on a much truer level. At the same time, we are discovering new connections with people who have been around us, all this time. Suddenly, we have all moved onto the same wavelength! This has been a complete surprise, but makes us very happy. And it is only the beginning. New deep connections aligned with a common purpose will continue to manifest all year long.


There’s a solidity in all those who are now stepping forward. As a collective whole, we are committed to stop the destruction of our planet like never before. This is because so many people are finally becoming aware of what is really happening. The young Third Waves are leading the way with enthusiasm and clarity which is beautiful to see. We have waited for them for a long time. There’s a master plan for how we flip over reality systems and we all have a part to play.

Many elements feel like they are on the brink and we can make such a difference here. We can bring the New Reality out to the people by embodying it within ourselves so others can experience it first hand. We can to show creative solutions and demonstrate new ways of doing and living. As we do this, we create new openings in the old collective so we can reach a new space where flip overs become possible.

One very useful tool these days is the Sun • Moon • AN Meditation:

It’s an Insertion Point of the New Reality which always balances every situation and quickly brings deep shifts in the energy. With the Equinox coming up on top of these already intense energies, March will be very powerful. Anything can happen. Many world situations are on the edge and can turn in many directions. Everything is stretched beyond imagination. Many situations are screaming for a final solution and we are strong enough to hold the Beam for this to happen. Intense joy and love can be felt in all these energies ~ not doom and gloom.

March is a a significant Turning Point. One of our greatest challenges in March is to insert our creativity into situations which appear impossible, instead of falling into a default mode of reaction. We need to constantly SEE BEYOND what is presented to us as reality. We cannot hold back from being REAL and TRUE in any way. There are no more vacations from TRUENESS!

In March we will be walking through the portals of NO DOWN – NO RETURN into the Beyond.

Everything has to move forward into Trueness now. It can’t wait until later. WE cannot wait until later.

It’s NOW or NEVER.

With deep LOVE from AN!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Keenuane • Inger •

• Antares • Diane • Ganesha • Kimberly • She Rana • T*Annu • Ursulai •



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