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Solara’s April 2019 Surf Report
Breaking Free and Moving Forward


March was a powerful month full of surprises and shocking events in which we were greatly challenged to become more REAL and more TRUE than ever before. It was intense and fast paced as Time sped up immeasurably. It felt like a week collapsed into a few days and a month collapsed into a few weeks.

During January and February, there was much happening underneath the surface which we could feel, but not see. In March, these gigantic waves crashed up onto the surface with tremendous power, knocking some of us off of our old positions with great force. Our only option was to face everything with total honesty. We had to look beyond the outer duality-based definitions of what appeared to be happening and discern what was really going on. And then to respond on a completely new level.

March presented some of us with some very hard knocks that forcibly threw us out of our old positions. After that, we had no possibility of going back to The Way Things Used To Be. Many of us passed through the portals of NO DOWN – NO RETURN. This pushed our emphasis onto Breaking Free which became stronger as the month progressed. We were Breaking Free of the Past ~ Breaking Free of duality-based behaviors, beliefs and reactions ~ Breaking Free of our old ways of doing things ~ Breaking Free of limited perception and old paradigms. The energy of Breaking Free will become even stronger in April, impacting almost everything.

This Breaking Free is necessary, for we are in the midst of changing our Evolutionary Blueprints and shifting Timelines. Our new Evolutionary Blueprint and Timeline are aligned with the New Reality of AN. While we are in the midst of this great shift, there’s the strong sense that our True Life is waiting behind the scenes so it can manifest in a flash ~ as soon as we are ready for it.

The shift over of Timelines is creating ripples that go back into our Past and affect things that happened a long time ago. We may have carried a belief with us for a long time and then suddenly realize that this belief ~ which strongly affected everything which came after it ~ was based on an incorrect assumption. When this happens, the old foundation stones that kept our erroneous belief in position start to reposition themselves so that the old belief can leave our personal matrix. This enables us to see things in our Past that we couldn’t see before, shifting our perception of all that came before.

Due to the deep tiredness that many of us had been feeling for months, we learned the power of Not Doing. This helped us move into a new rhythm.

In March, we began walking through the portals of NO DOWN – NO RETURN into the Beyond….

The Council of Orion

In the center of the Constellation of Orion, in the area of Orion’s Belt, there is a horseshoe shaped council that has been here since the Beginning of Time and the Onset of Duality. Here the Lords of Light and the Lords of Dark are having an endless discussion. The arguments go back and forth ~ some heated and fiery, some laced with dry, intellectual knowledge. Yet few seem to listen to what the other side is saying. Nothing is ever resolved within this Supreme Council of Duality. The division amongst the two sides is too deeply ingrained.

Right now, the energy of the Council of Orion is being strongly felt on this planet. Families, friends and coworkers are becoming increasingly divided. Many people aren’t listening to each other anymore. Everything has become either very “Wrong” or very “Right”. Few are interested in creating a dialogue for mutual understanding by bringing everything to a new level. Even fewer are looking for a common solution. The gaping divide between those who are embedded into duality and those who are emerging into a New Reality is growing ever stronger.

Originally, when one became a Lord of Light or Lord of Dark, it was similar to choosing a sports team or like tryouts for a play. Everyone knew that they would just be playing roles. They were roles, not who we really are. “Who wants to be a Dark Lord this time?” They were assuming these roles so they could keep Duality in balance ~ for each side of duality always needs to be polarized by an opposite and equal energy.

Yes, being a Dark Lord might have brought out the badness of some, but these beings without integrity still would have been bad if they had been a Lord of Light. It just might have been a bit more disguised under layers of soft, flowery language. There were always True Ones amongst the Dark Lords, as there were also untrue ones amongst the Lords of Light. Just like now when there are unscrupulous gurus and gangsters with integrity.

Looking at the Council of Orion now, we can see that there are some whose hearts are closed and lack compassion. No compassion towards others whom they perceive as inferior to themselves, no compassion for allowing wildlife to share this planet with us, no compassion for preserving the environment, no compassion for those who are poor and struggling. Some of these ones are basically good people with good hearts who have somehow gotten pulled into the illusory belief that we are separate from one another. They now feel that they have to protect themselves from those whom they perceive as different. They have forgotten that WE ARE ONE.

For others, their compassion is deepening. Their awareness is expanding and their sensitivity is growing. When they observe what is going on in this planet, their hearts are touched and broken, again and again. And yet, they continue to LOVE. They continue to care and feel. Some of them try to find a way to serve. They don’t shut down. They don’t give up. Even though they feel the rising tide of separation amongst people, they know it’s only an illusion. They know that in truth, WE ARE ONE.

Now, it’s easy to say that these are just the two sides of duality ~ the Good and the Bad, but this isn’t what is happening anymore. We are in the midst of the Final Days of Duality where nothing is as it was before and nothing is as it appears to be. What is happening now within the Council of Orion has never happened before. It is beyond our known experiences. The split in the Council of Orion between those with compassion and those without isn’t taking place between the traditional division of Lords of Dark and Lords of Light. Instead, it’s touching some of each group. An unprecedented, in depth reconfiguration is taking place.

There is no more Good side and Bad side. What is obvious is that some of the Lords of Dark AND some of the Lords of Light have become fixed into their old positions. They have forgotten that they were simply playing a role and now believe this Play of Duality to be real. They are the ones who are no longer listening or feeling. They have now become entrenched embodiments of concentrated duality.

The UN Security Council Chamber. Interestingly enough, the conference table has the same shape as the one in the Council of Orion….

And although we would love to tenderly take the hands of the ones choosing to cement themselves into duality and would love to reassure them that ALL IS WELL and playfully invite them to come with us ~ WE CANNOT ~ for we have no more influence with them. We also can no longer participate in the endless disagreements and arguments as to who is Right or Wrong. We are no longer Dark or Light. We no longer live in duality. We are REAL and TRUE!

All we can do is to strengthen our resolve to inhabit AN ~ the New Reality in the HERE and NOW. Knowing that when the New Reality is strong enough, some of them might feel it. Some of them might respond. And even if they don’t, we must continue on into deeper Trueness, into Greater Love. For this is who we are and why we are here.

The ones who are no longer imbedded into duality ~ who also comprise both Lords of Light AND Lords of Dark ~ are in the process of completely transcending duality by shifting reality systems. They are stepping free of their old roles within the Drama of Duality and are emerging as True Ones. At this very moment, many of them are removing their old, well worn robes and walking out of the Council of Orion!

As they do, the pins which held this dimensional universe anchored into duality are loosening. This is directly affecting us here on Planet Earth. We can feel it within every cell of our being. Orion holds an essential Key for all of us this year.

And this is why at the Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, we are making three important ceremonies in 2019 with the THREE STARS in the Belt of Orion ~ the EL•AN•RA.

Taking a Clear Look at our Options

“We must let go of the life we have planned,
so we can accept the one that is waiting for us.”
…. Joseph Campbell

Perhaps we don’t have all the options we thought we did, especially once we are on a more expanded, true level. Options take place on the duality level of ego and give us the illusion of having unlimited possibilities. Our perceptions are clouded by what we “think” we want to do. They are constantly influenced by our obligations of what we “should” do ~ what others expect of us. They are susceptible to being seduced by the glittery glamour of duality. The clarity of our perceptions are chopped up by various distractions until we can’t feel the subtle promptings of our Heart’s Knowingness.

Having several options make us strive for something that’s not really there. They cause us to worry and feel disappointed when they don’t manifest. Too many options sometimes throw us into a paralyzing state of indecision. But when the illusions of options dissolve, the clear path that has always been in front of us becomes visible.

When we expand into our Trueness, we are able to see that our various options become increasingly smaller until all the illusory options disappear and only our True Path remains. It suddenly becomes crystal clear that the one clear option right in front of us is actually what we really most want to do!

I’m not talking about compromises or settling or resigning ourselves to a default decision or about doing what others want us to do. And I’m not referring to creating new dreams to replace the discarded old ones. I’m talking about aligning with our wide open, clear TRUE PATH that is in front of us. The one with brilliant neon lights that are flashing brightly at us, trying to get our attention. The path that our heart has known about all along. The one that makes our entire being sing with delight. The True Path that is so stunningly magnificent that it scares us, causing us to look everywhere ~ anywhere ~ else.

Here’s an example from my life: Since I was little, I’ve had a strong connection with Peru. Even when I was just a few days old, my Mother wanted to name me India and my Father jokingly suggested calling me Peru. In my twenties, I even studied the Inca language of Quechua and spent time in the private reading rooms of the British Museum in London reading all their books on the Incas. Yet, I spent years fervently searching the planet for my right place to live. I looked at many places for my True Home, except for Peru. It was only after I had exhausted many possibilities (my illusory options), that I finally relented to what had always been obvious and came to Peru and found my True Home. That’s when I instantly knew that it was my only choice and had been all along.

Clearing out the clutter of our false options isn’t a bad thing. We are no longer distracted by endless, ungrounded possibilities. What it does is to magnetize us more strongly with our True Path. And that’s exactly where we need to be right now.

Dreams and Visions

Now that we are letting go of our old dreams, we don’t need to fill the empty space we’ve created with new dreams. When we are awake, we don’t have dreams. And when we are awakened beings, we don’t need to carry the unrequited yearnings of dreams that we HOPE to happen.

Dreams are ungrounded desires that keep us from fully inhabiting the HERE and NOW. They are masterful diversions. It’s easy to become addicted to feeding our unrequited yearnings, rather than living in the present moment. Focusing on our dreams can actually drain our vital forces. Dreams are like those Japanese key chains called Tamagochi which had to have constant attention or they would “die”. And yet they were never really alive….

If we use our energy to hope, “Oh, if I could only do that, everything would be so much better!” “If I had a partner, my life would be perfect.” “If I could travel there, I would be so happy.” “Oh, if there was peace in the world….” nothing will happen, except we will constantly feel unfulfilled. This is because dreams don’t feel real. There’s no certainty that they will happen.

It’s perfectly understandable to want personal fulfillment for ourselves, but our true desires don’t need to be placed into the nebulous receptacle of dreams. Instead, they can emanate from our Heart’s Knowingness that when we take True Steps as a True One into our True Direction, that all our needs will be met and that which is BEYOND our Wildest Dreams will flower.

The New Reality of AN is interlaced with fulfillment on all levels. We don’t need to dream about what we want ~ all we have to do is to focus on inhabiting the New Reality and everything we need for our personal fulfillment will naturally be there.

Visions are different than dreams. They enable us to see other worlds and other realities. Visions call to us to be manifested into the physical. Visions are not an individual desire that comes from our ego. Visions come from a heightened reality where they already exist. They require a collaboration between us and the heightened reality they came from. And when they come to us, it’s a sign that they are ready to be birthed onto the physical.

Breaking Free from the Ice Shelf of our Past

Right now, we are being given numerous opportunities to see the Past with the Eyes of Who We Are Now. This is very different than seeing the Past with our old eyes and it enables us to see many things that we couldn’t see before. This gives us an expanded understanding of the entire journey we have traveled thus far. We can now flip over misconceptions and limited beliefs that we’ve carried with us for a long time. This opens up a totally new understanding of our past experiences. Things that we thought were so big and so important, suddenly become tiny. Once we are able to see the larger picture of the elements we thought were wrong, we become infinitely freer.

Up until now, our beings were like an ice shelf at the South Pole that was frozen solid by our beliefs, by our past experiences, our education, our judgments, our hurts and our perceived limitations. The Ice shelves of our beings have been developing fissures for a long time. But now, just like in Antarctica, these old beliefs and frozen memories are cracking off quickly and floating away.

Sometimes it feels like an ice axe unexpectedly appears from out of nowhere and starts chipping at a previously solid block of our ice. Often this happens in an area where we were relatively content. Some of these were areas that we didn’t feel needed to be chipped away, but actually they did. This is when we realize that some of our old dreams didn’t happen because they simply weren’t meant to. Perhaps we’d always assumed that if we had stayed in an old relationship that we would have lived happily ever after. When many of the things that we were really trying to manifest didn’t happen, this gave us a deep sense of disappointment and failure ~ some of which we still carry within us.

Back when we were trying to manifest these dreams and hold onto those relationships, if we could have seen twenty to thirty years into the future, we would have known this. But now that the ice floes of our old dreams, old hurts, disappointments and perceived failures are finally breaking off the ice shelf of our beings and floating away, we can see that these things wouldn’t have brought us our desired outcome.

As chunks of ice break off our ice shelf, some of them quickly melt into oblivion, while others are drifting into their new, True Positions. This is when we realize that many things are no longer important to us. It’s like in a computer game when on one level it’s so vitally important that we use our spear to defend ourself ~ and then a few levels later, the spear is like a kindergarten weapon and what we really need now is a Magic Cloud.

This year, we are being presented with unprecedented opportunities to completely Repattern our Past. This is why some of us are revisiting people and places of our Past, either physically or energetically. Missing elements and essential information are pouring in, allowing us to reshuffle everything into a totally new configuration.

The process of writing my new book of stories from my life is continually breaking off chunks of my previously frozen ice shelf. I watch the ice floes drift away, either quickly melting into oblivion or moving into new positions. This enables me to see my Past with a completely revised perception.

In my book I tell the story of a vision quest that I had on a mountain top in Wales in 1971. This vision quest was triggered by an I Ching reading I did on my birthday, the previous June. In my reading, I received a changing line that said, “At the sacrifice in the meadow one is presented to all the Gods of Heaven and the Supreme Lord God of Heaven himself.” This filled me with anticipation and made me very excited.

But when this didn’t happen to me all year long and I only had one month left before my next birthday, I did what I could to make it happen. I went to the summit of a nearby mountain, lay myself down as a sacrifice on a craggy rock that jutted up into the sky and passed out. When I opened my eyes again, I was in Heaven. For a few hours, anything that I wanted to know, I knew. This was a life changing experience for me.

While writing this story in much greater detail for my book, I decided to reread my birthday hexagram in the I Ching. I even found the small notebook where I had originally written it down on my birthday back in 1970 ~ which was a miracle in itself. Imagine my profound surprise when I discovered that I had never received that specific changing line! Up until this moment, I was so sure that I had. This specific changing line had greatly influenced my entire year. And the powerful vision quest I had done in response to the changing line (which I had never received), influenced the rest of my life!

Was this a mistake? No. My vision quest was definitely not a mistake. Even though I had somehow received erroneous information to trigger it, this wrong information led me to a direct experience of Heaven that was very real. Basically, I unknowingly triggered myself! I wondered why I discovered this now, rather than when it could have influenced my decisions and actions? My feeling is that now is the time when any untrueness within us needs to come to the surface and be released from our energetic field.

As more and more, previously solid, blocks of ice break away, this process speeds up. The newly created ice floes flow into the Great Unknown. This not only totally Repatterns our Past, but it enables us to create a new True Life that we couldn’t see before. And after our ice floes click into their True Positions, we will be fully centered in the Expanded HERE and NOW.

There are ancient stories of the ruins of magnificent civilizations and sacred temples that lie beneath the continent of Antarctica. But guess what? We also have them within us! The ice floes of our beings don’t just consist of the frozen residue of our past experiences ~ they also contain magnificent inner and outer Worlds within Worlds deep inside of us that we have long forgotten and which are now waiting to be discovered.

Looking with True Eyes

A fragment of Solara’s painting “The Shattering of All Known Worlds”. © Solara, 1993.

As we move onto a totally new level of an expanded New Landscape within the New Reality, a rush of new information is coming in. Some of it brings us missing information we’ve long sought ~ like finding pieces of our jigsaw puzzle that were long hidden under the couch in an old apartment. Other information is completely new and unexpected ~ it’s a powerful trigger that flings open doors that we never knew were there. This is when the revelations pour in. Now, for the very first time, we can start looking at life with our True Eyes!

When this new information arrives, it’s like a window, that we didn’t even know was there, opens up to a wondrous new vista that we’ve never seen before. When we see this new vista, our beings expand and deepen. We can now go to places (internal and external, physical and non-physical) that we haven’t been before.

This is like being in a building where all of a sudden, we look at something with our True Eyes and there’s a POOF! and something opens up and expands that we never saw before. Perhaps there’s a whole new room or a vastly altered landscape outside. Or something becomes more colorful or is illuminated with light and shows us what is really there. We may glance at a statue that we’ve had for a long time and it may start breathing or open its eyes and look at us.

As we look at our life with our True Eyes, we see many things we didn’t see before. It’s a whole new world! Suddenly we can see how limiting our old beliefs are. Or we discover that we are not who we thought we were or what used to be important in our life has faded away.

This POOF! instantly rearranges everything! It gives us more information and more awareness upon which to base our decisions and actions. It rearranges the very nature of reality and allows us to break through a barrier of consciousness that we didn’t know was there.

Once this happens, our enhanced vision doesn’t go away. We can’t go back to see the world like we did before. This expanded perception stays with us. But now it has to be integrated into everything inside and out. And as we do, great changes start coming into our lives.


“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now.
The conditions are always impossible.”

….Doris Lessing

April is a pivotal month of Breaking Free and ‘A Mu’a (Moving Forward in the Rapa Nui language). It’s time to move forward out of our fading Past, time to move forward out of the old landscape, time to move forward to fully embody our True Self, time to go forward to inhabit the New Reality.

The energy this month is creating peaks of intensity and at times, everything may feel volatile. This intensity is causing many expired and false elements to be placed On The Line. Those of those who have resisted change are going through forced changes, and in an instant, they are Walking the Razor’s Edge.

During the final week of March, there was the strong sense that the energies were once again building up for something huge. This feeling wasn’t so strong during the first week of April, but as the intensity increases this month, we will feel it even more strongly until it bursts out onto the surface.

As we start to look at everything with our True Eyes, we begin to see a totally different world around us. Our True Eyes are also showing us the areas within us where there are errors in our internal programming so we can take the necessary steps to correct this. This enables us to make decisions and actions with an ultra enhanced clarity and confidence. At the same time, it feels like a huge wave of a stunning freshness is washing over us, removing much of the old sadness, disappointments, weariness, broken dreams, hardships and unresolved emotional residue of our Past. We are now splitting wide open like sun-ripened fruits.

Many of us still feel like we are walking the narrow path between Life and Death ~ a place now without veils where myriad worlds are visible. Walking upon this Path Between the Worlds is becoming easier than before. We no longer resist it or try to step off. It doesn’t scare us like it used to. We know that every step we take has to be a true one. And we know that walking on such a fine line is deepening us immeasurably. It is removing the superficial and making us infinitely more real.

We need not be worried that there’s no longer a veil between the worlds, for we no longer need one. The Worlds within Worlds are not meant to be separate anymore. Now, we can walk openly between the worlds, gracefully striding through the Timeless True Worlds in our physical bodies. Walking through life in this manner makes everything feel infinitely more alive and precious. Everything is ON THE LINE.

Some of us are currently experiencing strong upheavals in our lives. These are things that we never, ever thought would happen to us. On the surface level of duality, they appear to be terrible setbacks; yet on a vaster scale, they are deeply liberating. Though extremely challenging, they are cracking apart the frozen ice shelf of our beings. These situations are forcing us to make much needed changes in our lives. They bring the in depth transformation that we most need.

Up until now, we’ve been holding onto something that we didn’t want to let go of ~ like a monkey with its hand stuck in a glass jar. Maybe it was a secure job, or a person we love or our fears of change. Suddenly an invisible hammer appears and shatters the jar! It may shatter some of our fingers as well, but they will recover. The jar is gone. Putting our hand back into it isn’t an option at this moment, so what to do?

This is definitely not the time to try to recreate the Past. Instead we have to gather our courage and grab the unprecedented opportunity we’ve just been given. We have to listen to the promptings of our true heart and do something totally off the map ~ something that is wildly creative and unpredictable. Perhaps, it time to completely change direction. And that is the brilliance of this time.

In April, unexpected connections between people are being shown to us. Some of these connections are with those whom we’ve known casually for some time ~ like neighbors or coworkers with whom we didn’t feel any special rapport. But since there’s such a strong element of SEEING THE UNSEEN happening right now, suddenly a mutual purpose between us is being revealed. At the same time, those who are currently stuck in their resistances are avoiding us.

All around us the infrastructure of duality is steadily crumbling. Dams are breaking, bridges are collapsing, roads are falling apart and whole sections of countries are being inundated by floods. These are all signs that the old Normal is now gone. Our sensitive side feels completely overloaded at times by having all this rawness exposed, especially when we tune into the turmoil of the collective. For those who are still trying to live in a “normal” world, seeing their old world collapsing is especially devastating.

Yet, it’s extremely liberating for many of us that we no longer need to do things in the old ways. Now we are able to navigate with far greater mastery using our Heart’s Knowingness. This enables us to bypass much of what we were taught and do things in totally fresh ways. This brings us a new sense of excitement and enthusiasm for what is to come.

April is a month when we will be able to reveal more of our True Story and see more clearly the impact it will have on our forward journey. Bridges to new connections are being built and they will be strong.

Everything has to move forward into Trueness now. It can’t wait until later. WE cannot wait until later.

It’s NOW or NEVER.

With True LOVE from AN!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Keenuane • Inger •

• Ashtara • Aurora • Diane • Ganesha • Sarah • Tracey • Yaxi •



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