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Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s September 2019 Surf Report – True Decisions

September is a powerful month of great movement that begins on one frequency band and ends on another. We may enter the month with a certain perspective and think that is what’s really happening, but exit the month with a greatly expanded awareness that reveals to us a whole new reality. This is happening because it’s time for many of us to make True Decisions that realign us to our True Path and True Purpose. For some, this shift will be so strong that it will feel like we have become more of our True Selves than we ever imagined possible.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s August 2019 Surf Report – The Lid Comes Off!

August is the month when the LID COMES OFF. This is a direct result of the ongoing collapse of the old Timeline. This is the lid that has kept us in limited situations and clouded our perceptions of what is real ~ the lid which has continually kept us smaller than we truly are. It is also the lid that prevented certain things from happening. It is the lid which has covered the illusions and now that it is coming off, all the layers of illusion are coming up to the surface to be fully seen before they evaporate. As the lid comes off, the dam breaks and energy long held back breaks free and spills forth.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s July 2019 Surf Report – Changing the Codes of the EL•AN•RA

At the beginning of July, there’s the feeling that we are in the midst of a massive tempest ~ not just a worldly storm, but far vaster than that. Many elements have been catapulted up into the air ~ the air is full of them ~ and the energies are churning away. Much is becoming unpinned from their old positions on multiple levels. It may feel like there are more elements flying through the air than ones that have landed into their True Positions. ~ this is because so much is getting unpinned from duality. Yet more and more elements are clicking into position than ever before.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s June 2019 Surf Report – The Cow

….We need to gather our courage and strongly follow our Heart’s Knowingness with our full integrity. These are the times for the fearless, for those who dare to openly embody their Love ~ for the True Ones whose only option is to constantly LOOK LARGER, LIVE LARGER and LOVE LARGER. There can be no more passively waiting for something to change without our participation. We can no longer sit on the sidelines as a detached observer. CLEAR, DECISIVE ACTIONS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL have to be made by us ~ not just for our own personal gratification….

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s May 2019 Surf Report – Reverse Spirals

For many months we have been Walking the Razor’s Edge. Every step we’ve been making has had to be a true step. If we haven’t been making true steps, our path will become more narrow and our razor more sharp. Yet, if we’ve been making true steps, we will discover in May that the path in front of us is now widening. The Razor’s Edge is not as sharp as it was before. As we walk out of duality, it’s like walking out of a narrow canyon whose walls close behind us. This gives us a sense of escaping into a state of NO DOWN – NO RETURN. As we step into greater authenticity, the landscape before us expands. We are now walking on our True Path. And more and more doors open before us….

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s March 2019 Surf Report – Walking Into the Beyond

March is a Make or Break month where we will begin to clearly see the separation of the false and the True. It’s a powerful month full of surprises and unexpected, perhaps shocking, events in which we will be greatly challenged to bring forth new facets of our beings and become more REAL and more TRUE than ever before.

There was much happening under the surface during the first two months of this year. Now, these previously submerged waves are crashing up to the surface with tremendous power. They will knock us off of our old positions and catapult us into surprising directions. At times, they create some patches of extremely Choppy Surf. This Choppy Surf will force us to quickly jettison many of our duality-based behaviors and beliefs – as we finally see that they only keep us miserable and disempowered, rather than serving us.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s February 2019 Surf Report – Making a Better World

January and February are transitional months which lead to a dynamic and intense March. February emphasizes REST, RESET, REPOSITIONING and PREPARATION. We are still sorting through everything, cleaning it all and moving things to their True Positions. It’s funny that January felt calm and gentle, but it wasn’t. February also feels quiet and peaceful, but it’s not. Perhaps we are getting used to the intensity or maybe our expanded, true beings are operating on a totally new level.


Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s January 2019 Surf Report – Setting our New Templates

We begin January by entering a powerful Eclipse corridor between January 5 and January 20. This is when lots of wondrous surprises happen. Positive changes, fortuitous meetings, unexpected opportunities and all sorts of breakthroughs pop into our lives without any prior warning. I know two people who just got wonderful new jobs this month. Some of these surprises come from the realm of Beyond our Wildest Dreams….


….Many of us have been stopped from our old ways of doing things. This either happened last year or it is happening now. Sometimes it happens naturally, while other times we are forced to change our old ways. At first this can feel frustrating, but after we realize that this is happening for our greater good, we stop all resistance and turn our attention into enthusiastically discovering new ways of living.

Year Surf Report

Solara’s 2019 Surf Report – Turning the Tide

2019 is a powerful year of New Beginnings and Turning the Tide. It’s the Year of Stepping into the New Reality as our predominant reality and discovering a wondrous New Landscape all around us. There will be numerous Green Lights for those who are walking their True Paths. Yet, 2019 is not a year for continuing with our old “normal” pursuits ~ for remaining on our old paths will only lead to breakdowns, obstacles and failure.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s December 2018 Surf Report – Exploring our New Dynamic

In December we step deeper into the new Timeline and enter a completely new dynamic. This is no longer the time to follow our old pursuits and expired dreams. A whole new world and an entirely new way of living is right in front of us. Touchstones of the New Reality are already appearing in our lives on a very tangible basis and many more are coming. These touchstones are not just simple decorations ~ like hanging up a Sun-Moon symbol; they are much more than that. They are creations which did not exist before, which are being birthed directly from the Invisible.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s November 2018 Surf Report – Monolithic Shifts

November brings us Monumental Shifts. For those who welcome change, it’s full of amazing opportunities and rarely experienced 11:11 frequencies as well as stunning 360′ shifts in perception. For those who still avoid change, it will bring numerous hard knocks until we respond to the Wake Up Calls. No matter what, it’s an exceptionally powerful month full of OPEN DOORS and Quantum Breakthroughs. It is a life changing month that can lift us totally out of our old stories and deposit us into our New Timeline within the New Reality that is full of wondrous new experiences.