Solara’s Surf-Reports of 2016

Solara’s Surf Report 2016 Reweaving our Reality - 2016 will be an extremely intense year with very powerful concurrent realities vying for our attention. One of our primary tasks this year will be to plant and nourish the Seeds of the New Reality in the midst of the growing chaos. Yet we… ( ... )
Solara’s January 2016 Surf Report – From a New Vantage Point Posted in: now FREE! - From the very first moment of 2016, we felt as if we were suddenly plunged into the New Reality. A fresh, new energy came in which infused us with waves of inspiration and joy. There was an immediate sense of delight, not for any… ( ... )
Solara’s February 2016 Surf Report – Green Lights! Posted in: now FREE! - The energy of E Mao Mao from Beyond the Beyond is being strongly felt by the planetary collective where it is having a strong transformational effect upon those who are experiencing it. This is triggering a great awakening all over the planet as the… ( ... )
Solara’s 2016 March Surf Report The Chaos of Change Posted in: now FREE! - Right now, the collapsing world of duality is creating intense chaos in the outer world. Lots of old distorted energy is being stirred up and much of it is extremely dirty, noisy and more than a bit mad. This chaos is sowing the seeds… ( ... )
Solara’s 2016 April Surf Report – Battle Weary and Inspired! Posted in: now FREE! - We enter April with deep weariness; we are so tired of the cacophony and distortion of the collapsing old world. Yet at the same time, we are filled with a sense of joyous awe at the exquisite New Reality that is becoming stronger and… ( ... )
Solara’s 2016 May Surf Report – True Connections Posted in: now FREE! - May is the month that we've been waiting for. We are going to be taking our first steps into entirely new territory. The energy of the New Reality will show us how to do this. We will place each step with a great sureness… ( ... )
Solara’s 2016 June Surf Report – Setting our True Coordinates Posted in: now FREE! - For many years, we have been healing the broken hearts of our numerous lifetimes. This journey of personal healing was disguised as a collective work, because only then could access the deepest hurts in ourselves. To do this, we had to remember to love… ( ... )
Solara’s 2016 July Surf Report – The Wheel of the Expanded Here and Now Posted in: now FREE! - The months of July and August are going to be a wild, wild ride. July begins with the feeling that there is something new and exciting on the horizon. July will be full of bursts of intensity, pockets of deep calm, powerful creative surges,… ( ... )
Solara’s August 2016 Surf Report – In the Midst of a Messy Paradigm Shift Posted in: now FREE! - We are in the midst of a massive Paradigm Shift, moving from the old Template of Duality to the Template of Oneness. And like any birth, it is extremely messy and occasionally bloody and painful. But just as when we are giving birth to… ( ... )
Solara’s September 2016 Surf Report – In the Crack Between the Worlds Posted in: now FREE! - September is a powerful month that is full of movement and decisive action. It brings us many completions of our old lives and old ways of being. The Call of our True Direction has never been stronger. In September, it now feels like we… ( ... )
Solara’s October 2016 Surf Report – Loosening the Pins of Duality Posted in: now FREE! - October is an intense month of totally OFF THE MAP new energies which will greatly transform us. This month will be full of numerous unexpected events that align us with our True, Authentic Selves. A powerful RESET is happening on many fronts. October is… ( ... )
Solara’s November 2016 Surf Report – The Tip of the Point Posted in: now FREE! - The energies of the New Reality of AN are becoming stronger and more visible every day. The New Reality is composed of Trueness and Love ~ TRUE TRUE LOVE. And this is exactly what is needed to eradicate the roots of the weeds of… ( ... )
Solara’s December 2016 Surf Report – Standing True to What is Real Posted in: now FREE! - December brings us a mass migration out of falseness, corruption and manipulation into Trueness, Compassion and Pure True Love. Increasing numbers of people around the world are now making their exodus from duality and willingly walking away from what is untrue and unreal. As… ( ... )